The coil of wire FISCHBEIN sewing thread are quality products specially developed to eliminate repetitive stoppages caused by low quality mixtures.
The windings provide precision and ensure constant sizing.

  • POLYESTER WIRE (20/4) 12/4, approximately 5000m / kg
  • Food compatibility according to EEG regulation 2200/87 Art. 5
  • Available colors: White, blue, red, green and various bi-color ...

Coil of wire 3kg & 5kg


Coil of wire 200g


C100S Model

C100S Model

FISCHBEIN needle for FISCHBEIN model sewing head


D5 Model

D5 Model

FISCHBEIN needle for portable machine model FISCHBEIN

For other brands of sewing machine, please consult us


The crêpon paper is used for a better sealing of the closure of the bags by sewing.
It is packaged in small rolls for portable sewing machines type F-50 and in large rolls for fixed posts (MUA).

This is a kraft paper of about 130g / m² after creping.
It exists in different colors (ecru, white, red, blue and green).


The bags marketed by SEMIC are manufactured in Europe and comply with the food regulations in force.
A special follow-up is ensured by our services, from the reception of the goods, in particular at the level of the qualities (resistances, regularity, conditioning).

We offer open mouth bags for 4 different templates:
- In 19.5 x 53 mm + 10 mm bellows (white color): 5 KG
- In 35 x 63 + 9 mm without gussets (ecru color): 10 KG
- In 50 x 76 mm + 13 mm without gussets (white or ecru): 25 KG
- In 60 x 101 mm + 13 mm without gussets (ecru color): 50 KG

Ability to deliver from 500 bags!